101 Facts About the Radical Diva

101. I am a picky eater.
100. I want to meet Neil Gaiman, the Dalai Lama and the Pope.

 99. I had a girlfriend.
 98. I wanted to be a lawyer, until I realized that Denial, Defense and Dehumanization can be part of the job description.
 97. I've always wanted to join a Game Show on TV.
 96. I've been to more fistfights than romantic dates. :P
 95. Can't and Hate are two words that are not on my dictionary.
 94. When I was 17 I spent the night in jail.
 93. I am a Geek.
 92. I have a thing with men who wear glasses or have a 4 o'clock beard. I really don't know why.
 91. I love the beach.
 90. I don't think I will ever ride a rollercoaster. *shiver*
 89. I don't think I can live in a house without my own dog.
 88. I am claustrophobic.
 87. I love peanut butter, I just don't like it with anything else.
 86. I seriously am addicted to suspense thriller, books, series or movies. I am a sucker for it.
 85. I love the color pink, because it's so girly. Something I am not. ü
 84. I am sensitive to odors... I associate them with the most special feelings and person.
 83. I was told by a doctor that I won't be able to walk again. Yeah he might be right, coz I am always frolicking and jumping about.
 82. Three things that should always be in my bag (except for necessities) are an umbrella, sunglasses and my vanity kit.
 81. I was never fond of cats.
 80. I started school when I was 2 years old and got my degree at 19.
 79. I will go gay for Katy Perry or Zoey Deschanel. ü
 78. I am not the domesticated type of girl.
 77. I wasn't able to drive a car when I got into an accident. Never rode a motorbike since I toppled over.
 76.  I love the smell and the sound of rain and have always dreamt of making out with someone underneath a stormy sky... *sigh*
 75. I am a feminist.
 74. I like guys who have love handles and can cover my body entirely if they hug me. ü
 73. I don't like coffee.
 72. I had a musical box with a ballerina doing pirouettes when I was younger. I've always searched for something like it until now.
 71. I am super giggly and very ticklish.
 70. I'll choose boxers over thongs anytime.
 69. I've never watched porn.
 68. I am a lip gloss addict.
 67. I've always been allergic to my favorite food, but I keep on eating it still. I guess this means I am hardheaded!
 66. I always order onion rings to eat the rings and not the onion. ü
 65. I love doing hula hoops.
 64. I have a peanut shaped birthmark on my right lower chest.. I think it's cute. ü
 63. Dancing makes me feel elated, even if I look silly doing it.
 62. I wanna have my very own nude portrait, while my body is still okay.
 61. I've always wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger but I didn't knew I had vertigo so I can't do those pirrouettes.
 60. I would want to travel the world. I will do it.
 59. When I am nervous or stressed I nailbite.
 58. I was 6 months training short on becoming a cop.
 57. I am very pushy. If you get swayed easily, you are in trouble with me. You have to push back and be stubborn, coz if not I will just make decisions for you.
 56. I used to be so scared of using public restrooms.
 55. I am dead scared of snakes and other creepy crawlies.
 54. Once when I was younger I tried slashing my wrists in front of mom and dad to stop them from fighting.
 53. I've always been an adrenaline junkie.
 52. I love swings, whenever I see one I will go psych and try it. ü
 51. I never owned a barbie nor a teddy bear when I was younger.
 50. Me and my son was both born on a Monday.
 49. If I would want a really bad ass job, I would probably be a bounty hunter.
 48. I believe in the whole concept of a higher being but I don't pray to ask much rather give thanks and do work.
 47. I stutter when I am excited.
 46. I used to have really long hair and my dad didn't want to cut it so it reached my knees.
 45. I love the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning, would hold it up against my cheeks and eat something else. LOL
 44. I want to skydive.
 43. I've always loved strawberry flavored stuff but haven't actually eaten the actual strawberry. ü
 42. I have actually been stalked by some people before.
 41. I am the type of person who likes things that aren't liked by many people. I like being different and going against the current even if it means fashion or social suicide... ü
 40.  I am a cotton candy addict.
 39. My dad was a gambler, and he taught me cheats and tricks in gambling when i was like old enough to count :D
 38. I am the type of person whom if i feel you don't like me I won't bother knowing you, but if I don't like you I will try to figure why I don't and see if I can like you.
 37. I am a real messy bessy.
 36. I developed a phobia with people saying "i'm gonna be here for you forever, i promise" coz apparently when someone says that, they tend to disappear completely.
 35. I have a fairly good memory and sometimes I hate it coz it reminds me of things I want to forget.
 34. I am practically a late bloomer and until now I think I still haven't been in an actual date. :P
 33. I am big on the ego thing, though I would usually forget about it I would seldom say sorry to people, but just avoid talking about it.
 32. I love letters. Writing them and getting them. I think it's just so sweet and personal and I love it even more.
 31. I am a go getter and a very independent woman, but I've always wanted to be a plain housewife. ü
 30. I have always been everything to people, the motivator, the counselor, the bestfriend, but was never the ONE.
 29. I wanna go hitch hiking with someone.
 28. I have a horrible handwriting due to dysgraphia.
 27. I was almost married twice, both times I called it off. It was stupid. But I am happier this way.
 26. For me it has always been dignity over curiosity... I'm starting to favor the latter lately though. *exciting*
 25. I had my hair until my knees when I was younger.
 24. Before I turned 24, I had everything planned and every plan I was able to pursue and achieve but it wasn't fun. 
 23. I am a licensed teacher. I just don't think I need it after I got it, coz I can still teach without it anyway.
 22. The first time I played an online RPG, I puked after.
 21. I grew up with 8 women I call Mama, one Mommy, and a Nanay, same with Papa, Daddy and Tatay.
 20. I learned to bike after my older cousin pushed me off in one down a curve and got my legs badly bruised and I fell on an open manhole with murky water... yikes!
 19. I realized I can't delete my google footprint that easily, I have like more than 20 accounts online.
 18. I've always let my heart decide on things, and it gave me men who can't decide on things. 
 17. Sometimes, I burst out laughing in dead silence at something that just cross my mind.
 16. In connection, my mind is so active that I can talk about multiple separated topics and interconnect them easily.
 15. I easily get jealous.
 14. I always wish on stars and wishing fountains.
 13. I seldom go to mass, but I always give thanks.
 12. I hate it when people try to sway me into their beliefs, it makes me not like it more or not listen in anyway.
 11. I always do things that can challenge me into overcoming my fear, in essence I think I fear myself the most.
 10. At this point in my life, I am given much choices to choose from and now I get to have a difficult time choosing. 
  9. I vow to my kid that I won't date until he is old enough to give me permission too, I'm still working on keeping that promise.
  8. I am in search for someone to keep my life worthwhile.
  7. The first time someone told me "I love you." I laughed. I shouldn't do it again.
  6. I talk a lot, especially when I am nervous. If I don't talk I'm sick.
  5. I love watching movies, and I cry at the same scenes over and over again.
  4. I hated my Birthday since I was old enough to appreciate presents, I always get the "Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday" tagline every year.
  3. I have a wedding ring, from my Grandmother. It was passed on for 3 generations in my family and the first born female always gets it.
  2. A fortune teller told me, I am not meant to marry someone from my country. hmmm. LOL. I wonder who could it be?
  1. I fall in love easily, and stay in love for a really long while. I don't forget easily too, makes it much harder to get over things. But I still am willing to wait for that someone.


  1. Hi!
    If you want to go hitchhiking with someone, these tricks might come handy ;) !


  2. Read most of it and I have to say, you are very a very interesting, beautiful woman.

  3. I really hope the part in number 1 about staying in love for a really long time is true :D

  4. Yes it is true, however relationships can be pretty tricky at times and as much as I would wand to prolong relationships they had to be shorten.

    Amm... Just Some Guy... do I personally know you?


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