Wonderful Insanity

I'm NOT normal.

I am not even remotely kidding when I said that. It's gonna be so odd, but if you probably took the time to read some of my posts you would probably have a slight idea how I define normality and rebel against it in certain ways (probably not so obvious, but my inner radical continues to reinforce and reaffirm).

I am different, but at times I like blending in, it's a need and also a talent slowly harnessed over time. I am happiest during the times I am insane. Normality drives me up the walls, but it gives me ample time to pull back and recover.

Yesterday, I was feeling mediocre. I am not depressed, I guess when people confide to me I get involved in it so much that I get to somehow feel their pain too. I just need some sort of break, any break would do.

We were about to go home and end the routine that the boring day brought but my bestfriend insisted on going to our 'sanctuary'. A lot of things come up during our stays in our 'sanctuay', even if it's always full of random people, who are sometimes eavesdropping with our probably jaw-drop-inducing conversations *grin*.

Almost 12 years of knowing each other, we still discover something new. We're on the topic of quirks and she termed my confessions as extreme quirks (evil girl you!). We talked for five hours and we didn't realize it was THAT long until we saw the dawn almost breaking (ugh!). 

It's good to be different, it's great when you are accepted despite your weirdness.

My relationship with my bestfriend has so far been the longest I was able to keep, there's just one thing I realize about it... that every time we commit mistakes or piss each other off (I'm a perennial late comer, she always gets pissed about that LOL) we are always reminded that it is a temporary lapse and it's not gonna affect us unless we prolong it, so in essence we drive each other insane.

That being said I am trying to have a rundown of things that keeps me sane by making me insane (in no particular order) apart from my bestfriend and my little feisty tyke:

*Multicolored Cotton Candy
*Wonka's Gobstoppers
*Crispy Fried Chicken
*Double Dutch Ice Cream (or any ice cream LOL)
*Demitri Martin's thought provoking sketches
*Music (especially my ultimate pick me up song Everafter)
*The search for the elusive Ruby Red Shoes (fine. shoes in general.)
*Dresses (especially with flowy skirts *wink*)
*Text Twist (I should get a life. LOL)
*Pillows (the more the merrier! yay!)
*Cheesecake (!)
*Dance Floor
*CBD's shake and bake
*peanut butter
*15 letter sentences/phrases
*palindromes (that actually make sense)
*color contrasts that work
*eccentric people
*seeing how models breakdown on national television (hilarious)
*mass medias attempt at so called 'reality'
*the moon, stars and other 'heavenly' bodies (when I look at them, I go into a trance)
*latest science breakthroughs (2010 Breakthroughs)
*Matthew Gray Gubler (especially his recording of  Anabel Lee, which I listen to when I am unable to sleep)
*the color pink
*fluffy stuff
*Lingerie (love!)
*interesting stories (written or told)

I could probably have a whole lot more of stuff but I think the list would be this for now.

I'm ending this post with a quote from the wonderful Jean Dubuffet, who I believed have described my insanity the best. "For  me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity." RIGHT ON!


  1. lingerie keeps you sane? nice.. i think you in lingerie would keep me sane to :P

    nah just playing but for real interesting read and nice list.. the pillows that must be a girl thing because my sister has a billion pillows it seems like... me i own just 1 pillow

    oh and i could so kick your butt in text twist :P

    i play that one to i even got my mom started on playing it at one point

  2. yeah lingerie (LOVE!) LOL. I am gonna pretend I didn't saw that.

    pillows are a girl thing? dude... buy more pillows and give it a try!

    is that a challenge I hear right there? if so.. IT IS SO ON!

  3. lol ok pretend you didnt see it... i was joking maybe not a good joke but still a joke nonetheless... plus every once and awhile the guy in me comes out

    and yea pillows are a girl thing.. i dont mind pillows they are cool i guess but i always figure i only have one head so i need one pillow

    and ummmmm yea its a challenge... anytime any place so go ahead and bring it on


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