Dressing Up Experiment

If you are aiming for something, you better have the perfect plan on getting it and a sweeter way to savor the achievement. If not, why the hell are you doing it anyway?

A few months ago, I have set out for a simple experiment that would test human interaction and MY great fear of rejection. Armed with the understanding that I could get in certain mishaps during the course of this endeavor I still decided to push through with the constant egging of my brilliant bestfriend who happens to be my accomplice as well. She's probably way too concerned on my increasing obnoxiousness towards men and overflowing anxiety over relationships (oh well).

To make this sound more interesting I'm going to present it as a study (don't take this seriously though ^_^)

Problem : How much would clothing affect the chances of getting a good response from a random person at a bar (dancing/drinking place)?

Hypothesis : The more clothes that cover your body the more likely you are going to be a wallflower.


Little Black Dress

Pink Cardigan
Tight Bun

The procedure is rather simple, I would be dressed up in the clothes mentioned above, a bit restrictive to think I am going to a bar "to party". My accomplice has two tasks I need to accomplish while wearing the conservative attire which are:
1. Get to know someone and HAVE slight physical contact (i.e. hands touching, get close enough, whisper to someone's ears, or dance with them, I think you have a rough idea of what that meant already and this one gave me the creeps! yikes!)
2. Get someone's number (*ulp*)
The tasks presented are really not what I was expecting for a pilot experiment, but it was agreed upon that she come up with the task so as I wouldn't have time to circumvent the rules and create a possible bias.
Armed with the knowledge of how one (meaning just me LOL) can get in trouble we set out to a bar in Quezon City on a Thursday night (not the party night I know, but it would work so not many people would recognize me *grin*), but we didn't know it was Ladies' night so there goes my first assumption that I'm gonna be safe (sheesh! the one thing that's good is that we can come in for free!). Upon entering, I quickly stood out of the massive crowd, flock of teenagers (probably), women with revealing outfits like there's-nothing-more-hidden-I'm-showing-you-what-I-got-come-near-me in a sort of way and men getting near them, AWESOME (gag!). I was about to go out the door but I felt my accomplice's grip on my arm and the knowing look she gave me saying "We're here, you're doing this. You've got to." She didn't say it. I was probably just hallucinating or something.
I am not the kind who goes to such places most of the time (before), I would probably be out late at night talking to some friends just chilling, playing outside or hitting the great outdoors but I am always open to something new so I took it when it was presented and have enjoyed the times we were out. I love dancing and the dance floor is so inviting (in a slight trance).
As the people around me started noticing how I stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of wild fierce pool of random people possibly looking for other people they can possibly get to know (or something else), I started circling the entire floor. My hair in a bun is not doing me any good, I tried smiling to a man on the counter and the response was like a forced smile, a nod and an immediate turn to another woman (wearing a skimpy sequined dress and flashing her long chestnut colored hair). I wouldn't say no to that one either.
I made a few trips around and got myself a beer and danced, still nothing.
I met my accomplice on the spot we agreed and told her the result, she predicted it would go that way. I wouldn't blame her for assuming, I did too. Just as I was going to the restroom and change a man in mid 30's pulled me in a corner abruptly, I screamed but in a bar it's usually no use, I was able to get out of that unharmed, thanks to the bouncer standing at the corner who saw what happened and how I tried to get away from his grip (bad omen! yikes!).
I told my accomplice about what happened but I think she wasn't really paying attention to it as she was starting to get cozied up with the man she was "seeing" who happened to be in the bar at the time, with another man she was trying to partner with me. I saw the look on the younger guy's face and I think the fear of rejection took over so instead of trying to get to know the guy I left them and continued on my mini experiment (I need to get this done and prove something at least).
Going to the restroom again, and this time 2nd phase of the experiment commenced, leaving only the little black dress and releasing the thick black hair from the restrictive bun (finally! I heaved a sigh). Walking towards the dance floor and doing the same routine, get a beer (pretend to drink, I don't like beer), dance and smile.
After a few moments, a guy was toasting his beer to me and motioning cheers (Bam!). I continued to dance and trying not to keep my attention to the guy as he comes closer (to which I got nervous, where's my accomplice at? *gulp*).
5 feet 11 inches I presume, black, with four other friends judging by the way he walks I think he's had one too many beers already. My accomplice finally showed up to intervene with the process, getting blocked by the other much more intimidating looking guy in the group. Dance!
As the man was trying to dance a bit closer, I was trying to go the other way (LOL). I'm not much of an actress and I am unable to pull a decent interest on the guy (so lame), I wasn't paying attention to half of what he says and to top it all, I really didn't try so hard to (bad, I know). Accomplice signalling, 1 - done!
Past 3:30 am on my clock and we told them we're going to go to the ladies' room but it was just a nice way of saying we have to leave really, but surprisingly the man I was dancing with (sort of), caught up with us on the way to the door leaving and asked for my number.
We were stunned and as I am SO not good with lying, I gave him my number (ugh!). Accomplice was beaming and was giving me a noiseless high five and mouthing the words, you PASSED!
This is supposed to be an experiment and not an exam right? What will I do with the number and if he tries calling?
Accomplice says just ignore it.
Conclusion :
Nowadays, people like to look at the merchandise before buying (haha) no more caveat emptor philosophy.


  1. hmmmmmm definitely interesting..........

  2. and yea most guys like to see the merchandise before "buying" now...

    the concept of leaving something for the imagination is lost on most guys.

    me I've always felt like less is more. don't get me wrong I'm a straight male so of course in the past there has been times I've noticed girls wearing something that shows everything off but if that is the only way I notice them than they were definitely not the type for me

    to me if a girl is really truly beautiful it will shine through no matter what she is wearing. and you well you definitely shine no matter what..

  3. well that makes you different I guess! which is cool in so many ways. trying to back the male persona right there huh? nice nice. thanks for reading!

  4. trying to back the male persona as in support it? if so no I actually don't like or support the way most males act

    being that I also am a male I hold my fellow males to a high standard... unfortunately they let me down more often than not


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