Bucket List

When I became a mom I got so obsessed with how I spend my time, I used to focus on myself alone and now I have my kid so I really have to balance things out. I also realized that I haven't really living the life I wanted to live and that time is becoming a bit of a problem and I should make most of what I have right now. The energy, the strength still inherent in me, channel my creativity and fulfill the desires of my soul.

And so I decided to have a list of things I would want to try, right now the list is very short but as soon as I discover interesting stuff this list will surely be always in progress.
Wakeboarding - I love water. I love the beach. I'd love to try wakeboarding because I think it's fun to do and how awesome those people look when they do it in the open waters, it's simply amazing and truthfully I am so envious.
I wanna do this as soon as possible, I might not be agile enough in the future to do so. I think I will have to be ready with a few blisters and cuts (hopefully not a sprain or a broken something).
It is just so cool!

Join and finish a MARATHON.

Marathon meaning a 42km race, I don't need to win really I just want to be able to finish one.

Crossing that finish line, with my family waiting on the other side (kinda cheesy) or probably running with my kid along, it would be such an amazing endeavor.

I like running. Although I know I wasn't born to run but to live life actively.