In a Nutshell

I am

*the dutiful daughter
*the caring mother
*the supportive sister
*the understanding niece
*the loyal friend.

Above all this, I am a WOMAN.


*strong yet weak
*logical yet stupid at times
*the caring type
*moody at times
*childish and immature
*attention seeker
*sympathetic or pathetic most of the time

I can be
*your best friend
*your worst nightmare
*anyone you want me to be
*accept you for who you are

I can never be
*the girl of your dreams

*live my life the way I want
*speak my mind
*don't wanna compensate my being tough on pretending to be strong, I don't really have to pretend
*maybe a tough nut to crack but I can definitely tell you that when you do, I'm really a softie
*give everything a 100%

I love
*Aeon, Io, and Eian
*arcade games
*the smell of fresh nail polish
*crispy fried chicken
*pink. And the only reason is that it keeps me connected to my girlish tendencies. I wear it loud and proud, although I don't exactly walk the talk always
*acting tough, and although I'm not very feminine, I love being a woman

I'm the type of person who works on plans and these are the things that I have been wanting to do in the near future:

*learn 12 other languages just to beat Rizal by one even if I am not good at them
*ice skate
*skinny dip
*snowball fight
*ride a sled
*go to Paris
*kiss my love in front of the Eiffel tower
*get married
*hit Boracay
*build my own business
*master's degree
*doctorate's degree
*my house with the white picket fence
*be on a cruise
*hot air balloon ride