Post Birthday Blog

Well, I know this was already a week overdue, but I guess I still wanted to take note of all the things that had transpired during my birthday celebrations. Yeah, celebrations. And it was kinda costly, mind you. During Christmas, I was uber busy on budgeting whatever money I have to be able to fund the birthday celebration I had in mind. I forgot all about the festivities altogether. The promised wonder of the occasion didn't really sank in to my consciousness. i salvaged the time I had left to rest for the series of merrymakings ahead.

On the night of Christmas eve, I have watched my cellphone died on me, not that I was busy texting people or anything, but because of the greetings it was receiving and my charger was out of sight I just stood there waiting for some miracle to happen (nah, was just kidding). SO going on, I had hoped for someone to show up and deliver that really old cheer but nothing happened and I even sank so low as to wish for Santa or any sign of his reindeers but much to my dismay nothing/no one came.

On the day of the 26th, I went to work in the Korean company where I teach. I noticed that even though I woke up at almost 4 am and was on the road minutes after 4, I still came to my office quarter past early... (Oh well, maybe it was just because no one in their right mind would be out this early at the night after xmas) So going on... arriving on time was not really a big deal, but instead the Korean officer arriving late. Imagine we had to wait for like an hour and a half before the door to our office was opened? What a day!

Carlo cooked braised beef and brought it to our office afterwards for my officemates and I of course to feast on. A few more celebrated laughter and cheer before the day ended. The Korea office gave me the "template gift" on the 27th and Hannah gave me her gift also on that day.

I had invited a lot of people on my birthday celebration. Maybe I will bit off more than I could chew, but it never happened because only 9 peeps showed up on the day itself. Ron had to go to an aunt due to an emergency, Micheale had a sprain while going up on the escalator. Whew! (cguro jinx ako! lolx) So we just went on with the party, after all my best pals were there to show some lovin'.

Another year wasted, and 2007 had already gone by just like that *poof*. I had plenty of things in mind to write about, but I guess they have escaped me once again. The perils of aging is slowly inching closer to me. The unexplainable pain at night is getting more obvious as time goes by. Maybe it's just me, thinking and vividly hallucinating but the way I see it, fear had already stricken my meek body.

Yet again, the irony remains, I am still living the hellish life I am hating. Who am I to tell you about pain? I am just a sad little brat, trying to seek attention from other unworthy beings. I just this year would be better.

Even though this was supposed to be my birthday blog, I think this would also be a great opportunity to include my new year's resolution: To make everyday count and always be happy.

What a great start you might say ei? Well, at least now I know what am I aiming for.