Cleverly Disguised Jalapeño

People will really surprise you, in such a way that they can give you immense happiness or immediate remorse. This week had been both happy and sad but I wouldn't take it any other way.

My right eye had some uncomfortable pain since last Sunday, after watching Harry Potter with Bes, that it had result to a visit with the opthalmologist. After some time and some examination he had declared that it was an infection of some sort. He had spared me of the details because I am very agitated and I had other stuff to attend to, so it had to be fast. Giving me some strong meds and I was off.

The next day brought another visit due to its persistent pain and additional swelling, half my face was swollen, imagine that! He gave me new antibiotics because I can't take the last one because surprise surprise somebody got their period ha! Just when I didn't need for it to come. Grrr! I was wearing my sunglasses wherever I went. It has it's coolness factor but it also brought the weirdness remark.

I was frequently checked out by strangers specially when I wore them in the wee hours of the morning, well I had to because of the dust that might infect it further plus I don't want people to see nor stare! BUT THEY STILL DO!

Anyway, I am saddened by the unexpected resignation of Faye, we were even planning to go to the Musiklaban to check out on the tattoo artists and fish out ideas of where to get inked and what design to get coz in the first place it's permanent! But she had to go, soonest. I think she might already have left today for Malaysia. Oh well, friends come and go I know, but still it pains me to have lost one who meant so much.

On the lighter side of things, I forgot to add to my other post a funny thing that happened last Sunday.

The cleverly disguised jalapeño was actually pertaining to my bestfriend's antic.

*Seeing the face of your bestfriend twitch in an unexplainable way while realizing he had eaten a cleverly disguised jalapeño on his burger was PRICELESS! I almost died laughing... and I'm not even exaggerating!*

And I still am laughing when I remember. *sorry bes*

So much for a week. My eye is still a bit swollen but it's getting better. We had our Ladies's day out a few came, some declined but who are we to push them in to being with us. We want to have fun, we want to share the laughter with people and to bond so our friendship will be realized. It's sad that some people won't allow you to do that but oh well that's life.

Seize the day peeps! For you'll never know when it's the last you will have!