Genetically Predisposed Attraction

Being a graduate of Psychology I have been exposed to certain theories about human relationships and interactions, most of them sometimes are quite illogical but has been proven theoretically or through a series of carefully laid down experiments.

Sometimes I think that the complexity of the mind can be really predicted, but it has never been proven. Yet.

Last week, in the middle of a really lazy and humid afternoon I decided to stay home instead of taking chances on getting a tan outside and suffering heatstroke at the same time. So I turned to my ever reliable home exercise, channel surfing. (What?)

I was doing my normal checking, seeing what's on and skipping those channels with commercials, keeping in mind what intrigued me or stopped on certain familiar channels until I bumped in to a very interesting clip... a good looking guy giving advice to women how to act during dates. TOTALLY WEIRD!

And his Tip No. 1. Don't be weird. Yeah I get that. But why? Why would he act like he's such a know-it-all when it comes to dating and relationships? I don't think anyone's an expert on that and by the way I think he was using reality therapy, shocking the women with realizations and analyzing them to the point of being hypercritical. These are women with feelings HELLO?! Yeah I guess they didn't have serious and steady relationships to brag about, but what's up with the treatment? ANYWAY, it got my attention alright, shame on mass media, affecting my inner diva. After the commercial clip, I just realized the title of the program was Tough Love. Oh. Err. Yeah. Right.

I wasn't able to move on immediately, as much as I wanted to so although the remote on my hand was screaming for my earnest touch something egged me not to react to that alluring impulse. Little did I know I am in for more surprise.

The Lifestyle Network surely has a lot of interesting and mind boggling things set to entice their viewers in a way that I would be glued to the tube because of National Geographics documenting their recent analysis on the mating rituals of humpback whales or something to that effect (kidding!). So there it was, with bold letters written across my TV screen shouting the words I definitely am not ready to see.

The Truth About the Sexes.

Wow! - Definitely summed up my reaction, although I still am unable to figure out if it's in a good or bad way, so there I sit, stuck in a room thinking that I was just in for a great laugh coz here's another show that just might struck a nerve of feminists or chauvinists and typecasting females to this so and so. It is interesting in my own twisted little mind, but my assumption was proven wrong rather immediately as the show progressed.

The show more or less dealt with the aspects of attraction between men and women, how we choose possible partners and such things. It tried to explain why men choose these ladies, merely out of statistics and impulse and basing the reactions on studies done before.

What intrigued me most was that men doesn't really go for women who have huge breasts but rather with women who has the waist to hip ratio of 0.7. Symmetry is more of the term I think, and it's supposed to correlate with the woman's fertility aspect, hmm. I think that just made me search for the nearest tape measure and see what my ratio is but I shunned the idea. The thought made my radical being puke, so now I am being obnoxious.

Next is when they made the ladies smell certain shirts and they were asked to define which wreaked the most in their point of view, almost all the women chose the shirt of their brothers. Explanation? Really simple, your own genes are telling you that you must not be attracted to your sibling, it's just SO NOT RIGHT.

It's a two part special episode I think, I wasn't able to catch the second one though coz I totally forgot when it's suppose to air but I must admit that it's really interesting. It's cool to learn certain things. Good thing my memory still serves me well so there would be some fact I can share. Amazing what our genes hold.

We even have that genetically predisposed attraction to blame for, if things don't turn out right! Haha!


  1. nice, hope i could watch it through youtube. :)

  2. yeah, i don't highly recommend it but just for educational purposes i think it's a must see for everyone... pretty interesting stuff.


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