My Vote of Confidence Goes to...

I am part of the Confused Republic of the Philippines every election day and the sad fact is, this is not the first time I am voting. I have been very idealistic in choosing my candidates during my first time, I have even bothered to research on their track records know everything and what nots, I was very confident with the people I voted for, until I was surprised with the results.. apparently, people are not as optimistic and idealistic as I am and never bothered to do what I have done.

My family was a classic example of the ordinary Filipino voters, they don't prepare their list, they don't do research, they prefer to do the choosing on the day or the minute they get the ballots they would have to cast, and most often have done the eeny-meeny-miny-moe thing and I HATED that fact, it's like giving up your principle to chance, but I went with the flow not minding the importance of my one vote.

Now I am a Mom to a 1 year old boy and I would want things to CHANGE and I realized I'm not gonna expect other people to do the change for me, I have to do it MYSELF.

I have never been amused with politics and to tell you frankly I am not very confident with our election process and has been a skeptic since I was fresh out of the university. I didn't bother to listen to the ongoing debates, political announcements, track records comparison and other stuff because I already know who I am voting for.

My vote of full confidence goes to DICK GORDON.

Yes, that strong willed man who you may have seen in several national emergencies participating in the relief operations even when he was not yet running for the presidency or planning to I suppose.

That person who have clearly transformed the place that gave a negative label to the Philippines (and to the Filipinos as well) during the considerable dark times when our country is still has a U. S. base.

That same person who helped liven the economy of the Philippines by effectively advertising the beauty of our native country to foreigners and to ourselves. I would have to admit that the only time I was able to learn about the wonderful places we can visit in the Philippines was when the Department of Tourism plastered pictures of places all over Manila and to the world wide web as well.

I have seen him all over the news so many times even before he ran for the national elections.

My family was more of a whatever-the-majority-votes-I'm-with-it sort of people, but sometimes the majority means all the FOOLS are on one side. Taking into consideration how the surveys affect the thinking of a simple minded JUAN DELA CRUZ.

I am NEVER gonna vote for someone who have been found guilty of plunder before and was thrown out of his own office because of it, that would be REALLY INSANE not to mention STUPID!

I am NEVER gonna vote for someone who was just pushed to run for office because people says he's a good person and it's in his lineage to be in such a position. I mean WE certainly CAN do BETTER than THAT!

I believe in the credo of Burke:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

He's a good man, but has he done ANYTHING to triumph over something?


I am NEVER gonna vote for someone who is exaggerating his life story just to appeal to the masses who always look for melodrama, if I wanted that, I would have just lived in a TELENOVELA!

I am NEVER gonna vote for a religious leader for office, that's just the most ridiculous thing!


I am never gonna vote for someone endorsed by the current PRESIDENT.