Weird Whatnots on a Wednesday

Peculiar stuff happening around you when you only want to be left in peace.

Woke up to a weird Wednesday morning, with the clothes clouding my view, my mom decided to bring the laundry up in my room and scatter them on my bed.

I was like: "Wow, Mom! You nailed the Best Way to Wake Up your Daughter award if such would exist."

I still enjoy her taunts, it never gets old and she never ran out of them (which I wished sometimes she would, honestly). The weather was still dim, lightheaded I went down and started with my mundane morning ritual, until someone shouted "Duck!"

But it was too late for me to do so, and I felt the stinging pain in the back of my head and a frisbee falling on the side. My son. Playing with his grandfather in the middle of the room with a frisbee and I was the unluckiest person to catch the first blow, amazing don't you think?

You might think I should've been pissed by this time, but it takes more than a bump on the head to make me mad, plus given the fact that it was unintentional (because it was not my brother who threw it or mom. LOL). I just went to him, kissed him on the forehead and gave the frisbee back this time pointing to Mom, and whistling away. :D

I wore the first wardrobe that appeared on my mind, now this thing is a habit, I choose my clothes on how I imagine them everyday and my mood varies accordingly, so much so that the more active my imagination the better match I can make.

Wednesday is not a very special day. Picnic in the office really happens on a Thursday coz it's way past midnight and sometimes later but they are just fond of calling it Picnic Wednesday, there's a bit of flair in that somewhere, I just can't figure it out.

Mom was eyeing me as if she wants me to change my mind about the clothes I am wearing, which I didn't and she sighed exasperatedly.

I was on the bus to work and I realized I left my cellphone at home. CRAP! Now I have to tell everyone that they aren't suppose to text me today. I crossed my fingers and wished my friends will be much more considerate, even just for the day.

I picked up Kaye and was harrassed by the absurd cab driver, just my luck.

But that was nothing with the question I suddenly brought up with her, to which I definitely shouldn't have asked. What was I thinking anyway?

Now, I have my life plus her social experiment to confuse me more. I shouldn't have agreed but I guess it would help in some ways and I am definitely up for the challenge she proposes, still have some reservations though. And I think I'm gonna be in a whole lot of trouble for doing it.

The issues. We all have it. We just take things differently and now my issue is sounding very lame. She brought up "guy" issues. *Gulp* I don't even have anything I can really contribute in that aspect, coz I have been shunning them out for so long. Why?

I just got used to it and I got better everyday, I guess.

According to her, boys tell her she looks high maintenance which I can vouch for that she actually isn't, but who would bother ask right? Why do they need to figure us out? My logic oriented brain is already processing the data she is feeding me, but I don't really know how useful they can be for me.

Everybody is trying to figure out everybody else.

I am trying my best not to, but apparently it comes naturally whenever somebody gets too close. I am huge in the pride thing, but as someone has been more egotistic as I am, I can't help but be interested.

Probably I have been too dominant for so long and to be submissive would be a nice role to play at this point, I just don't know if I can pull it.