Friday, April 30, 2010

Pool Theme Friday

Our office holds a theme Friday every month and since it's summer. The theme is "Pool Party". I came in with my rash guard on, with a pair of goggles to boot. My officemates clearly have depicted a different version of the pool party, but I'm not gonna even start to comment on their choice of costume.

Theme Fridays, I think have been an essential part of our tradition as a company and it has been very exciting for the employees, well at least I can say that for myself. It is something to look forward to, just to break the normal routine of work and of course wearing the normal office clothes (boo hoo!). Simple celebrations like this one enhances the kamaraderie between employees (especially if they like their pictures taken, coz I know I do so much!) The inner Diva expresses her incessant need to express her well learned textbook narcissism and the radical would just like to wear clothes which are out of the ordinary. Thank goodness for whoever invented or thought of events like these, they surely know how to create a fun and positive atmosphere in the oh-so-boring-workplace everyone in the world is so familiar with. I think I am not alone in this one, so if you think your workplace needs a bit of a pick me up, I would definitely suggest that you try to have a theme party! It's super fun!

First Blood Drips

For awhile I have been busy resolving personal conflicts that I have failed to enrich and entertain the whims of my frolicking mind, now I am rekindling the spirit and awakening the thoughts of my radical alter ego.

The Diva within me confesses that she misses the limelight, the perks and the tortures altogether. Now I am chronicling my battle and brandishing the battle scars, for the world to look at and hopefully understand or at least respect.

Writing is my passion.

The kind of passion that traps you in the middle of unknown feeling of rapture, so mysterious that you fail to analyze deeper and yet you yearn for more.

The first drip of my bloody pen... now inks the pages of my newly found haven.

The thirst has been quenched for now...