Secured in Redundancy

Today was very busy, I had to upgrade my cars, race some of my friends and rob some properties, tough day for a hyperactive woman like me. These social networking games are really taking toll on my health, my fingers can get injured at the rate I am going. Imagine that!

I think I just did this yesterday, but that was just on level 17 now I am 20 so that makes all the difference. I would rather be a slave to the games than watch that poor excuse of a man's meager attempts to conquer the girl he's dreaming of. Watching her blush is just... so redundant.




Not so.

Here's a kicker, I have already figured out that the vastness of my vocabulary, coupled with my untimely outbursts might not exactly render me very much attractive for the so called opposite sex, it's just not so, (pity... all the things I could've done. *evil grin*). I appreciate the effort of men to show off to women and woe them whenever they find the woman is closely resembling their "ideal" girl and I totally agree that any man may be able to make any woman fall in love with them given the proper stuff to get things in order, but it's just that when men conquer, then they just, well... for a lack of a better term, "rest on their laurels."

All the sillyness, the blush inducing gestures, the good goosebumps sort of touch and emotions they make you feel, GONE.

I am not saying this to lambast MEN in general (or maybe I do, hmm... decisions. decisions), but it's just the same cycle over and over. There can be exceptions, people who can attest, try to prove me wrong and  would most likely say that - I'm an evil bitter b*tch, who doesn't have a love life so I just get excuses to make some other people look into their relationships and then analyze what's wrong even if everything is in fact going right. Oh well! You might probably be right.

But just the fact that you thought and analyzed the relationship you are having has already proven my point (HAH!).

Don't get me wrong I still believe in that all-for-it-screw-the-world-i'm-never-gonna-leave-you-sort-of-err romantic love, it's just often misconstrued.

So for now, the cushion and promise of security that routine and redundancy brings is what keeps me going. Someone would try to break the routine more often than not, but I don't think I would give up that easy, I might try to put up a fight, a serious one.

Just a word of caution.