Random Rant

There's only much leeway you can give to people on how they should behave towards you. I am not a fan of conflicts and I am definitely not one of those people who would probably have clouded judgments about other people until I have known them to a certain level.

There's always a self serving bias somewhere but I dare not make it obvious so the possibility of welcoming a new person to make a connection is always open. 

This is the time where I would probably have the need to take my  suppressed emotions (confusion, sadness or probably anger) on something but I still choose not to, displacing works perfectly fine for me. 

It's bad enough that people associate you with something just because you are part of that group, what's worst is that after letting them know you they still continue on what they had first thought.

Men amuse me in most ways.

If I know how to hate, I would probably spend all my hating capabilities on them... BUT of course I do not and the mere fact that at a certain point there always lie the probability of fraternizing with the enemy, I shun the idea of keeping that notion final.

That experience made me cry... again.

Not for myself, but for the women I have encountered in that place and for the men who take advantage.

Legality of such doesn't justify their acceptability. 

Something done by the majority also doesn't mean that you are supposed to do it too.

I highly doubt people who would say "I have no choice". 


And this made me eat a whole Snickers bar.T_T

Being a feminist in such a place would probably feel like a vegan in a slaughterhouse.


  1. Honestly, it was weird. Maybe I was just assuming that majority of the people I would meet would probably turn up as nice as I thought they would be, but of course there are some exceptions to the rule. But I am still happy I get to experience such, it reminded me that I have to stop assuming.

    I am a die hard humanist you see. ^_^


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