Math Life

"Math tells us three of the saddest love stories. Tangent lines who had one chance to meet and then parted forever. Parallel lines who were never meant to meet. And asymptotes who can get closer and closer but will never be together." - a forwarded quote

I am not that good in Math and honestly, when I received this message I attempted to check the definitions of the lines that were given. True, I tried to review Algebra, but I still wasn’t able to absorb the facts. Unfortunately, these lines never failed to leave my mind. I still wasn’t able to grasp it but I had always been fascinated on how twisted fate could be, and how it could give people a lifetime of happiness or disappointment.

In life, there really are certain people you meet who would serve a certain reason but it never occured to me that there are also people that would be there for you NOT to meet. What I don’t understand is the reason why we don’t have to meet them? Would it cause a catastrophic disaster if you meet those people you were not supposed to meet?

Why are there people whom we’re not supposed to be with anyway? Why do we have to hurt like we can never imagine just because fate does not allow the union of the souls before them? Is this some kind of game that fate is playing with us, giving us a moment of fleeting joy in exchange for a lifetime of pain and suffering? 

Why is it that the best for us could be the most painful of all experiences? Would it be better for things like this to happen? What if we could be given a chance to choose our own fate, escape all of the unnecessary people, disregard the unwanted memories and accomodate only the ones that you want. In other words, nothing but the good life.

Do you think it would be more wonderful? Or rather would it do you any good? A place where everything would be perfect and would suit your taste. I remember the movie "The Truman Show," where Jim Carrey is the subject of a reality show. He has this "pseudo-world" wherein he gets to choose everything that would occur or happen in every part of the neighborhood or the world wherein he lives. In the end, he still felt the urge to live in the real world with its complexities and challenges. He never felt happy, he just felt confused and denied of his rights as a normal human being.

Is there really a road to happiness? I mean eternal happiness, where one could not endure hardships or sorrow anymore? But I guess such a world even if it would exist will not be as great as the real world.

So going back to the math love story. Which pair would you want to be? Parallel, tangent or asymptotes? I would definitely want to be an angle, complimenting each other, and forever connected in the right way.