You. Are. Annoying.

When you are so teasing.
When you are talking about your hangups.
When you've been talking... just talking.

When I realize you are exemplifyng the male persona.
When you compliment me and it's something I'm not used to.
When our thoughts get lost in each others' translations.

When you enter my consciousness.
When I am unable to remove you that easily.
When it actually works and I think of you all the more.

When you make me realize my own insecurities and weaknesses.
When you ask me questions I don't exactly have answers.
And when I realize that I want to give you the best answer.

Mr. Annoying
You are annoying me in many ways I have ever imagined.
Sometimes, I wish I'm annoying you too, just to make it even.
Especially when I know that you are slowly becoming somebody to me.