The Halo Lifts, The Angel Leaves

Ever wonder why someone becomes a stranger in an instant?

You spend endless days with them, treat them as your person, grew fond of them and then suddenly, they become distant, obscure and detached.

What happened?

Was it something you said?

Was it something you did?

What is this something? The reason behind the falling out?

Was the purpose finally met? If the purpose was met, why does it feel empty?

Why does it feel like they took the parts that you miss the most?

Forgetting is hard. Possible. But oh-so-hard.

How is it possible that when you finally embraced the role of someone in your life, as if by a diabolical twist of fate, they undeniably become the cruelest person you have ever met?

The person you thought who would forever be singing praises, is now throwing curses. As if their halo finally lifts, and the angel inhabiting their body finally leaves.

The hollow shell of a person you once knew finally started walking the earth and he's not looking at you.